CISA Integrating Climate Science & Decision Making in the Carolinas

CISA: Carolinas Integrated Sciences and Assessments, A NOAA RISA Team

CISA's Story Maps

The CISA team creates story maps to share information about climate and its impacts in the Carolinas with stakeholders, decision makers, resource managers, and local interest groups.

Fire in the Coastal Carolinas

In 2017, CISA began providing support to the State Climate Office of North Carolina to expand the Coastal Carolinas DEWS Coastal Zone Fire Risk Assessment project conducted in 2014-2015. Project goals include improving the monitoring of soil moisture in coastal areas; enhancing the Fire Weather Intelligence Portal to better address coastal fire conditions and risks; assessing coastal zone fire risk indicators; and helping resource managers use new coastal zone monitoring data and information for drought management and planning decisions.

CISA Collaborator

Kirsten Lackstrom

Project Partner

  • State Climate Office of North Carolina

Focus Area

Coastal Climate; Water Resources