Integrating Climate Science & Resource Management in the Carolinas cisa

CISA: Carolinas Integrated Sciences and Assessments, A NOAA Risa Team

Climate Change Impacts

CISA models watersheds to understand potential climate change impacts

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Congaree National Swamp

Adaptation Planning

CISA supports climate adaptation planning in coastal communities

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Coastal Carolina.

Drought Impacts

CISA works with NIDIS to understand drought impacts in the Carolinas

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rushing stream

Water Resources Planning

CISA's climate science research helps to inform water resources management and planning

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Carolinas Integrated Sciences & Assessments

The Carolinas Integrated Sciences & Assessments (CISA) team conducts applied research in North Carolina and South Carolina that incorporates climate information into water, health and coastal management and decision making.

Learn more about these activities and specific projects on the Projects page.

Citizen Science in the Carolinas

Learn more about the CoCoRaHS project.

Carolinas Climate Resilience Conference

Held April 28-29, 2014. Presentations available on the conference website. Final report.


New article on heavy rainfall events and climate model assessments

This article offers insight into how heavy rainfall events might change in 12 distinct regions in the U.S. and assessments of the climate models which produce these findings.

Check out the CISA video series on water resources and climate in South Carolina

CISA team members Chandler Green and Greg Carbone are working to produce a series of videos to showcase how climate influences water use and management in South Carolina. Check them out here.

New article on heat vulnerability in North Carolina

Researchers with CISA and the Southeast Regional Climate Center have published findings on the impact of extreme heat events on emergency department visits in North Carolina. Read more.